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Anti-union Senate Bill 78:

  • The bill places an undue burden on the employer as well as the employee. Once the employer receives a signed dues authorization, the employer must “confirm with the employee, electronically or by other means, that he or she authorized the deduction of dues and uniform assessments.” This puts the employer in charge of the dues authorization process for the first time in history.
  • SB 78 places a burden on workers who want to remain a member of their union. By forcing workers to reauthorize every time a new contract is signed, a member would have to submit a re-authorization form to remain a member when they have no intention of leaving the union.

Tell your legislators to VOTE NO on SB 78.  






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VUE is your union. As a union we negotiate our contract. The more you are a part of your union the more we can improve our work conditions and salaries.
Protection of Your Rights
Protection of Your Rights
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Consumer Savings
The VUE Economic Service Program provides members with a wide range of exclusive discounts on hundreds of products, services and entertainment centers throughout Florida.
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