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Fri, May 18, 2018 at 9:25AM

Please send an email to school board members and Mr. Russell this weekend!  Please use your PERSONAL email.  You may use any or all of the talking points below, or your own along these lines.  We want to keep it short and sweet.

Talking Points - Keep it short and to the point:

  • As of today, we have no contract deal before the summer break.  This means if I return in August, I will take home less money each paycheck because I will pay more for my health and dental insurance.
  • As a school board member, you promised that bargaining would be better this year; it is not.
  • As a school board member, you have said that salaries would be a priority; they are not.
  • Why are you proposing to take away much of our planning time, basically maintain the unrealistic amount of mandated professional learning (over 50 hours for new teachers and 18+ hours for veteran teachers), and asking us to work more, without compensation? We already have over 100 classrooms without teachers.   Are the students of Volusia County truly your priority?
  • Why have you hired a Tampa attorney, who insults my colleagues on the bargaining team and just says No without even discussing the issues that are important?  If we have no money, where does this money come from?
  • Why don’t you seem to care about the important issues that you have said you care about (mandated PD, too many meetings, no textbooks, etc.)?


School Board Members:

Linda Cuthbert, Chair - 

John Hill, Vice Chair  -

Melody Johnson - 

Carl Persis - 

Ida Wright - 

Tom Russell, Superintendent - 


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