Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

VUE is your Union. As a union we bargain for our contract. The stronger our union becomes, our work environment and salaries improve. We must continue to work together to keep our contract in force.

  • Health Insurance
  • Leave
  • Salary Schedule
  • Working Conditions
  • Sick Leave Bank
  • Professional Development Program
  • Representation at hearings and appeals
  • Workforce Reductions
  • Transfers

VUE - Local Discounts

Interest Free Loans, Automobile financing, Restaurants, Cell Phone plans, and many other services you use all the time. VUE members save in more ways than you can count.  Local businesses support those who work in our schools and VUE has developed a program that passes on great deals and discounts to our members.

There are many benefits to being a member and they can more than save you the cost of your annual dues. Think of it this way, it can be absolutely free to be a member and you can even come out ahead with the discounts.