Why Join VUE?


VUE is your union. As a union we negotiate our contract. The more you are a part of your union the more we can improve our work conditions and salaries. By definition a union is that which is united, or made one; something formed by a combination or coalition of parts or members. The United States of America are often called the Union. The Volusia Educational Support Association is a coalition of Office Specialists and Paraprofessionals working together in improving our work conditions.


Protection of Your Rights

Hiring of an attorney for a job-related concern can easily cost thousands of dollars. Your VUE membership provides professional representation for all these issues and more.

  • Evaluations
  • Grievances at hearings and appeals
  • Payroll Errors
  • Administrative Harassment
  • Illness in the Line of Duty
  • Injury on the Job
  • Conferences-For-The-Record
  • Constitutional and Statutory Rights
  • Student Assaults
  • Student Discipline Issues
  • Health & Safety Issues
  • Parent & Student Complaints
  • Any other issue which may arise as a result of a member's performance of his/her duties and responsibilities as a School Board employee


Organizing in VUE

Organizing in VUE

The Volusia United Educators is working to bring our extended day workers and technology services staff in to our union.  This page is to help communicate with those workers.